Monday, February 4, 2008

colors of my life

note : kakak dan adik sewaktu pesta pancing anjuran kelab joran FRIM, 27 januari 2008. seronok kan jadik bebudak.. they're so free, so sincere, and ssssssooooo cutE!!, and on the right the four of us yg tgh syok sendiri using self timer sbb tak de org nak tolong snap gambar kami sefamily..
well, according to our new yr resolution as set earlier this yr.. resolution no 1 was
"to spent a quality time with 2L as much as possible"
and starting from the first wk of january our weekend was so wonderful. the first wk of january we went back to my hometown @jengka . then the following wk we just stayed at home and joined the kids coloring, reading, watching cd/dvd and went for an evening walk/cycling.
the 3rd wk, we painted our room and the kids' room.
and during thaipusam week-end we went to PD.
And finally for FT public hol, we stayed for 2d1n @ cameron highland.
a bit hectic month, but i am satisfied.
for february we still dont have any plan/idea where to go about. hubby said, to spent Q time with ur beloved ones doesn't mean that u need to go sumwhere else. but, if u got enuff budget then u can choose to bring ur family to anywhere u want. during this coming CNY, we will just stay @home. and by the 3rd wk of february, insya allah we will spent another 2d1n at genting highland. (14/15/16/17 of february - still tak decide lg)
to my frens, all these was done not for the "project mega" purpose ya!!
and then for march, due to my bzness we will only spent our Q time sekitar KL-selangor sahaja. But actually for me, it's still wonderful as long my hubby n my kids were always by my side, no matter what. Because, They are all the COLORS OF MY LIFE!!


nabialishad said...

cak dearie...intan br sempat nk memblog...nnt intan try usha blog cak ye..tungguuuuuu...

mommy@lif said...

huh sakan berjalan no? aku masih batuk lagi.. sory date kita kena kensel.. nak bangun pon tak larat... sedih sungguh.. sekali sekala kena uji dgn Allah... ishk ishkk

Anonymous said...

wah betul2 bizi yaa.. what hectic worth it if you spent with your lovess one kan..liza la nih hehhehe..

MamaFaMi said...

Bagus betul your resolution tu!

CAKCIBUR said...

nabialishad : papepun mekasey eh intan... banyak2 tuh!!

mommy@lif aka diah : tak pe, nnt plan next date eh.. get well soon keyh!!

anon@liza : ha, bulehh pun....

mamafami : hehehhe... mmg baguih la, en.kamal yg punye idea.. tp bulan februari nih tak gi memana lagi..takut awal tahun je yg semangat..

maya amir said...

yup cak..they're really true colors of our lives kan..suke ko nye entry this time..light up my day:)caiyokk

photokita said...

deyy..lame tak hapdate ni nyah.. aku baru berjinak donia blog ni beb..